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COVID-19 Update - Our Libraries are currently closed.

We are working on limited opening of some buildings soon. It is not possible to book a public access computer at this time. As Libraries open, there will be a limited number of computers available to maintain social distancing. These must be booked by speaking to a member of the Library team.

Please read the instructions to the right (under the 'Instructions' title).

Service News

For information on all our services, please visit


Welcome to the Leeds Library and Information Service Computer Reservation system. Please enter your card number and pincode. If you don't have a card number or don't remember your pincode please contact your local Library. Please note that booking a computer does not guarantee its availability. Circumstances beyond our control (such as a computer developing a fault) may mean that bookings are cancelled, but we will endeavour to book you on to another computer if one is available.

Extend login expiration time

Once you are logged on you will be automatically logged off after twenty minutes of inactivity. You can extend the login time to ten times the normal time by enabling "Extend login time".

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