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View our Disclaimer and Acceptable Use Policies below

Please note that due to TV licensing regulations, watching live television broadcasts over the internet is not permitted on library computers.

Acceptable Use of Computers in Leeds Library and Information Service

This is the page that you have to agree to when logging on to one of our computers and is provided here for convenience should you wish to read it in more detail.

You may print a copy of this policy free of charge from our library computers once logged in or obtain a copy from staff.

1. Use of the internet

All computer users are expected to use the internet in a responsible manner and respect other users.

This includes the viewing of images and the sending and receiving of information.

Leeds Library and Information Service, as part of Leeds City Council assumes no liability for any loss, damage to information and or property, direct or indirect, suffered as a result of using these computer resources. Leeds Library and Information Service will only be responsible for personal injury or death if Leeds Library and Information Service has been negligent

Leeds Library and Information Service accept no responsibility for the quality, accuracy or availability of information accessed through the Internet, although we do signpost sites that are authoritative.

2. Conditions of Access

Access to computers in Leeds Library and Information Service is available to all.

Users must use their own library number and PIN or a login provided by a member of Leeds Library and Information Service staff to gain access to the computers.

Children and young people under the age of 16 are allowed access to the Internet provided that a parent or legal guardian has signed a consent form.

3. Monitoring

Leeds City Council may monitor access to Internet sites, and the Leeds Library and Information Service reserves the right to stop anyone using the computers at any time but particularly where there is access of illegal, offensive or controversial material. Also, if appropriate the matter may be referred to the Police

4. Security

Filtering software is used in an attempt to screen out offensive and potentially illegal Internet material. However, filtering mechanisms can be crude and may also eliminate material that is perfectly acceptable. The library service will consider releasing any such site after careful checking by our internet service provider.

Leeds Library and Information Service does not guarantee to filter out all offensive material and is not responsible if access is made to such material.

The library service will also consider requests to block sites which a user considers inappropriate.

Children's access to the internet is filtered according to age.

5. Risks and Prohibited Uses

Leeds Library and Information Service prohibit specific online activities that we consider to be illegal, offensive, obscene, abusive or troublesome to others. Users should be aware that:

6. Penalties for misuse

Access may be withdrawn if: Your use of the computers contravenes any aspect of this policy, Library fines or other charges remain unpaid on an account for which you are responsible or Leeds Library and Information Services considers your use of the computers to be undesirable or not in the public interest. Where the contravention amounts to criminal and/or anti-social behaviour the Police will be notified. This includes compliance with the PREVENT duty, as set out in in the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015. Also, in respect of children and young people, the parent or guardian who signed their consent form will be notified. As well as the loss of computer privileges, other council disciplinary options may be applied, including criminal prosecution.

This policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure that it remains timely and relevant.

For more information about use of computers in Leeds Library and Information Service visit https://librarybookings.leeds.gov.uk/help/background.aspx

The Council reserves the right to change this policy at any time without notice.

Last updated November 2017

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